27 high tension photos of NATO jets intercepting Russian warplanes

This week interception of Russian warplanes by NATO Typhoon fighters reminds me of the time in which the world was on the brink of total nuclear annihilation, when Soviet forces taunted the Americans to test their defenses. This image collection shows that part of a Cold War that seems reactivated right now. » 6/21/14 9:30am 6/21/14 9:30am

Cold-War Era Russian Boat for Sale on eBay

Outside of Natalia Vodianova, our knowledge of Russian exports starts with Stolichnaya and ends with us trying our Yacoff Smirnoff impression on a pair of late-night beat cops. But this Cold-War era Tupolev Russian ground-effect boat, which sports a nine-cylinder, 365hp radial engine, may be worth broadening our… » 10/17/05 3:34pm 10/17/05 3:34pm