Should Stephen Colbert Get A Ticket For Taking Video Of A Guy Popping A Wheelie In The Lincoln Tunnel?

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert told a personal story that elucidated everything that is right with America: on his way into work this morning, he captured a dude popping wheelies on his motor bike while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel. It's an amazing personal testament to all that is right with our… »4/06/12 8:45am4/06/12 8:45am


"Maximum" Bob Lutz Speaks Out On Colbert Report Interview

After GM product czar and vice-chairman, Bob Lutz, appeared on the Colbert Report the other night »9/19/08 8:40am9/19/08 8:40am, he's decided to give his own take on his "non-outrageous" responses to Stephen Colbert's "outrageous" questions on topics like... (or global toasting). He believes he and Colbert "connected." We don't know if that's the…

Ad Watch Exclusive: Stephen Colbert, Don't Steal This Chevy Silverado Commercial Too!

Yes, it's now bigger, longer and uncut from the spec ad we saw last week. We've managed to get our hands on the full 60 second version of Chevrolet's Amerigasm over the new-for-2007 Silverado — it's part of the "Our Country, Our Truck" ad campaign, and let's just say it's got something for everyone. Everyone that… »10/03/06 4:25pm10/03/06 4:25pm

On Notice! Stephen Colbert Steals Rightfully Stolen Video, Jalopnik Demands An Apology

That's right Stephen, you're now on notice — and you're not coming off notice until you apologize..and you know what it's for. But for those of you following along at home who don't know, last week, the right-wing talking head of talking heads ran a piece on the new ad campaign for the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. The… »10/03/06 10:34am10/03/06 10:34am