This Hot Pink VW Camper Van Is Blowing My Mind, Man

Yesterday I found a video of a train driving through a flash mudslide in Switzerland ad the universal response to the video was, forget the train, check out that hot pink camper van! » 6/12/13 2:30pm 6/12/13 2:30pm

Honda Shamelessly Rips Off Volkswagen With 1999 Insight

Honda not-so-recently revealed their model year 2000 Insight, and clearly it's a complete rip off of Volkswagen's XL1 eco car. » 6/10/13 2:30pm 6/10/13 2:30pm

Let's All Make Up Facts About Automotive History

Did you know that President Chester A. Arthur built the first car in his garage when he was six? Did you know that cars can run on water if you believe they can? No? You're saying I made these up? I did. Let's all have some fun. » 4/26/13 2:33pm 4/26/13 2:33pm

Post The Most Hilarious Arrested Development GIFs You Can Find

Everyone's favorite stair-car related program is making a triumphant return to the internets at the end of next month. That's right, Arrested Development is coming back. Sit back, relax, grab some candy beans, and lets laugh at some GIFs. » 4/11/13 4:15pm 4/11/13 4:15pm