Full Iron Man Trailer Debuts, Makes Us Want One of Those Suits

After months of Ironman teaser shots and Ironman Super Bowl commercials and all kinds of other nonsense, the full trailer is now live and it's looking pretty good. Convenient for our Leap Day Celebration, Ironman appears to be able to jump right into the suit with some sort of Jetsons style automatic clothes… » 2/29/08 1:15pm 2/29/08 1:15pm

World's Only 1967 GT500 Super Snake Could Be Yours... For $3 Million

With all this Barrett-Jackson brouhaha around here, we mustn't forget that there are other places to spend torrents of money on a vintage car. Say, on eBay Motors, where $3,000,000 will buy you the only GT500 Super Snake that Carroll Shelby ever made. You get the 520-horse 427, the rights to the SuperSnake.org website » 1/21/08 1:00pm 1/21/08 1:00pm

Ford GT500KR Goes Into Production, Happy Birthday Carroll

What better way to celebrate the 85th birthday of Carroll Shelby, the man responsible for some of the best American muscle (and the Omni GLH), than with the production of the mean GT500KR? A King of the Road for a King of American Muscle. Works for me. 540 horsepower and 510 ft-lbs of torque for the first 79 years and… » 1/11/08 12:00pm 1/11/08 12:00pm

Carroll Shelby's Personal GT-500 to Be Auctioned Off

With Shelby-mania still at a fever pitch, we can imagine it's getting harder and harder for the uber-wealthy car collector to show up fellow affluent auto aficionados. Thus, we present Carroll Shelby's own 1969 Shelby GT500 convertible. Mr. Shelby apparently drove it extensively, putting nearly 69,725 miles on the 428… » 11/07/07 4:30pm 11/07/07 4:30pm

Big Daddy Glickenhaus On The Ford/Ferrari War

Ah, Jim Glickenhaus. Ah, to be Jim Glickenhaus, the only man ever to produce a Basket Case movie and have Pininfarina scan his body for a perfect fit in a custom Enzo-based car. We met him briefly in Paris last fall and he turned out to be a very nice, personable dude, always willing and ready to drop some science.… » 6/15/07 12:45pm 6/15/07 12:45pm

Hoons of Colorado: Super Supra Beats Up On Crazed Cobra

[Update: oops. That's a Cobra, not a GT500] Okay, boys, get that sound turned up. Way up. Why? So you can hear the age-old battle of forced induction. That's right, it's the whine of the supercharger vs. the wail of the turbocharger for hoon supremacy. You'll notice the supercharger gets its groove on first, which… » 4/23/07 3:00pm 4/23/07 3:00pm

Shelby Takes The Checkered Flag...In Court...Sort Of

It's one of the oldest maxims in the automotive world: drive on Sunday, sue on Monday. OK, that's a bastardization of the actual maxim, but whatevs, it works here so we're rolling with it. A California jury sided with Carroll Shelby in a trademark/licensing case against Wilhelm Motor Works, which has been reproducing… » 2/12/07 2:59pm 2/12/07 2:59pm

Jalopnik Question of the Day: What Would You Buy for $5.5 Million

At the Barrett-Jackson auction this week, Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra went home with Ron "Futurliner" Pratte, a house builder from Chandler, Arizona who drops multimillions on classic vehicles like they were mid-career Charlie Hough cards on the eBay. He paid $5.5 million for this pedigreed Cobra, which may not… » 1/23/07 12:45pm 1/23/07 12:45pm

Cobra Releases New Radar Detector With Speed Camera Database

Cobra Electronics has a new serpent on the road for all you snakes (like us) who need a little extra help to "see" the "man" when they've got a plan to catch your ass for speeding. It's their XRS line of radar detectors and Cobra's calling it the first "user-installable remote radar detector with GPS locator… » 1/05/07 8:09am 1/05/07 8:09am

When Totally Frigging Awesome Isn't Enough: Carroll Shelby's Personal…

The only thing better than a 1966 427 Shelby Cobra is a 1966 427 Competition Shelby Cobra with not one, but two Paxton superchargers that stump up 800 hp. Shelby built two, and Bill Cosby killed one of them. Now the survivor can be yours. Come middle of January, 2007, for the low, low price of "no reserve," you will… » 12/04/06 5:04pm 12/04/06 5:04pm