Detroit Auto Show: Michigan Plans To Expand Cobo Convention Center

The Cobo Center, home to the Detroit Auto Show, provides approximately $600 million annually to the local economies, with much of that money coming from the show itself. With that in mind, state and local officials are working on a plan to spend $595 million to expand and renovate the center. This change would include… » 1/17/08 5:15pm 1/17/08 5:15pm

After-Hours Dodge Lust: Nude Woman Poses With Challenger Concept at…

Someone want to explain to us how a woman snuck into the Cobo center in Detroit Monday night, posed nude on the Dodge Challenger concept — surrounded by gawkers with cameraphones — and we did not get a single photo in our inbox? C'mon people, this is a give and take thing here. If you've got the shots, don't hold on… » 1/18/06 10:30am 1/18/06 10:30am