Video: Our Ford Fiesta ST Gets the First COBB Stage 2 Kit, Will Blow…

We love our Fiesta ST. It's light, fun, fast, and super practical. That doesn't mean it couldn't use a few more ponies under the hood. We got a nice little bump in midrange torque from the COBB Stage 1 package a few months back, but now let's see what happens when we go for Stage 2! » 4/07/14 7:07pm 4/07/14 7:07pm

Nissan GT-R Owner Voids Warranty, Grenades $36K Engine

A member over at NAGTROC made the mistake of modifying his Nissan GT-R engine while it was still under its temperamental warranty. So, when he then broke the cylinder block, he was completely screwed. How it happened, plus pictures, below. » 2/01/10 11:00am 2/01/10 11:00am

Champion Bullrun Mofos of the First Order: The Herricks

Colin Herrick and his dad Eric sent Colin's Subaru Forrester out to Cobb in Utah for a bit of tweaking. Unfortunately, the new intercooler got installed right on top of an A/C line, which it promptly burned through, leaving the Herricks without the cool end of their climate control during one of the hottest summers… » 7/30/06 9:30pm 7/30/06 9:30pm

Cobb Gives Subaru Tribeca a Boost

It was bound to happen. Texas's Utah's own Subaru tuning specialists, Cobb Tuning have turned their attentions to the divisive Tribeca SUV. The company's engineers worked up a supercharging system for the ungainly ute with an eye toward improving what many consider to be lackluster performance from the stock 'beca.… » 5/17/06 11:03am 5/17/06 11:03am