Juicing the Ecotec: GM's New Aftermarket Kits Are Here

Drivers of Chevy Cobalt SSs and Saturn ION Redlines will finally be able to add firepower under their dimunitive hoods for not a whole lot more money. GM Performance Parts, the company's aftermarket pimps, have released two aftermarket engine-upgrade kits that will add between 31 and 36 horsepower. The Stage One kit… »4/06/06 1:03pm4/06/06 1:03pm


50-Foot Queenie: Wagoner Forced to Apologize For GM Small-Car Exec

A friend of ours who, until recently, was in the car-review biz, gave the Chevy Cobalt SS a lukewarm review, pointing out the harsh motor, plasticky interior and doofy rear wing. GM's response? Anger, misery, yanking of advertising from the publication he worked for. When the HHR dropped, GM Executive for small cars,… »3/20/06 2:40pm3/20/06 2:40pm