Cobalt's Valkyrie Pusher Prop Private Plane Looks Like It Belongs In The Batcave

It’s really not debatable: aircraft builder Cobalt’s Valkyrie is freakin’ gorgeous, and supposedly the appeal inside the cockpit will match the plane’s outer appearance. Beyond its looks, Cobalt claims their creation will have amazing performance, all at a price of around $700,000. »11/15/15 3:14pm11/15/15 3:14pm


Criminal Wrongdoing Reportedly Found In GM Defect Linked To 104 Deaths

A Justice Department inquiry found that GM’s failure to disclose a faulty ignition problem in their cars constituted criminal wrongdoing, the New York Times reported Friday. The penalty has yet to be determined, but it’s expected to be the largest ever faced by an automaker for criminal wrongdoing, surpassing the $1.2… »5/23/15 10:14am5/23/15 10:14am

How Will The Ignition Recall Affect GM Sales?

I have conversations with car-buyers on a daily basis, in fact, I often will talk about the auto industry with people who are not even in the market. Most of the conversations revolve around a cool car that is about to come out or a vehicle that they are considering for purchase. But recently I have been getting… »3/14/14 10:32am3/14/14 10:32am

GM Cancels Extra Cobalt Production Due To Parts Shortage

With small car sales exploding thanks to record gas prices, GM finds itself unable to build enough Chevy Cobalt »9/26/08 12:20pm9/26/08 12:20pms to satisfy demand. Now a parts shortage is further complicating the situation. GM had planned to run a double shift this Saturday at the Lordstown, OH plant that assembles the Cobalt and , but at least one…