This Secret USCG Program Saw Exotic Armed Choppers Take On Fast Boats

In the late 1990s the US Coast Guard was constantly being outrun by cartels 'go-fast' drug smuggling boats. Enter a secret program dubbed "New Frontier" that saw the use of a new breed of helicopters and interceptor boats, launched from cutters far out at sea, that aimed to fight the enemy's speed with even greater… »3/14/15 1:03pm3/14/15 1:03pm

New Agency Replaces South Korean Coast Guard After Fatal Failures

South Korean President Park Geun-hye blamed egregious failures of the country's Coast Guard for the Sewol ferry tragedy, which claimed the lives of hundreds of schoolchildren. The President followed through on her plan to shut down the Coast Guard, and its replacement becomes operational this week. »11/18/14 10:36am11/18/14 10:36am