Editorial From 1925 Predicted Decline of Coal, Rise of Atomic Energy

Coal has been keeping our lights on and our houses warm for centuries. But coal's inherent messiness — both in mining it and burning it — has always been a problem. So it's no surprise that many people today advocate for cleaner alternatives. What may come as a surprise, however, is that some people were dreaming of a… »11/20/13 2:44pm11/20/13 2:44pm

Plug It In, Plug It In: Plug-in Hybrids No Problem for Power Grid, Says DOE

According to the US Department of Ex—Oil Company Executives Energy in a new report yet to be published, the tangle of Christmas-tree lights known as the power grid can handle an upsurge in plug-in hybrids lickety split. The report, via The Car Connection, points out that by employing off-peak energy production via… »12/14/06 2:46pm12/14/06 2:46pm

Petersen Museum to Feature History of Alternative Propulsion

It began with the first neanderthal who lit his mammoth-bone pipe over a methane vent in LaBrea and rocketed himself into Laguna Hills: Human propulson. After that, man developed more advanced forms of transport propelled by steam, electricity, coal, wombat feces, petroleum, turbines, french-fry oil and hydrogen —… »4/18/06 6:01pm4/18/06 6:01pm