Vandenbrink Design to Build Coachworks Homage to the Ferrari 250 GTO

Back in 2006, when Michiel van den Brink revealed his designs for a tribute to the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferraristi were taken by its curvilinear sex appeal. So taken, that some offered their deep pockets in exchange for one in three dimensions. Now, it appears the designer's turned the spec project into a real,… »10/10/07 7:15am10/10/07 7:15am

Fisker Coachbuild and Quantum Technologies Team up on Luxury Plug-In Hybrid

What happens when you pair up a design and coachbuilding firm with an alternative-energy startup? We're not sure yet, but a joint venture is on between Quantum Technologies and Fisker Coachbuild, a company founded by former Aston Martin and BMW designer Henrik Fisker. Fisker is most recently known for the Tramanto and… »9/05/07 2:49pm9/05/07 2:49pm

Eight-Legged Fraud: Zagato 575 GTZ "Spyder" a Fake

Zagato would like to inform you the supposed Zagato 575 GTZ Spyder is a fake. A rep from the venerable Italian design firm says the shot we ran earlier this week — the one that triggered some puzzled stares around the Jalopnik virtual campus — is an "illegally photoshopped" spec of the Zagato 575 GTZ coupe, a one-off… »9/01/07 6:44am9/01/07 6:44am

My Ferrari! My Jaguar! My Corvette! My Anteros! Coachbuilt Roadster, Targa Coupe Coming to SEMA

Building slinky sports cars over Corvette running gear is only a new concept if your idea of state-of-the-art couture is wearing pastel shirts under white linen suits. Any gearhead worth his obsession remembers the early seasons of "Miami Vice" were marked by the presence of a faux Ferrari Daytona body atop a C3… »10/16/06 4:46pm10/16/06 4:46pm

Another Ferrari Ferrari Didn't Build: The Vandenbrink GTO

The trend toward coachbuilding houses ripping Ferrari product apart and rebuilding them to different spec continues, largely unabated. Well, it will, once Vandenbrink Design of the Netherlands renders their GTO design study in sheetmetal. The company, started by an automotive designer and an entrepreneur who's worked… »9/25/06 8:28am9/25/06 8:28am

He Called for His Pipe and Called for His Bowl: The Bufori MKIII La Joya

The kingly Bufori MKIII La Joya could be the only car that's ever made us want to use the word "festooned" in a descriptive sentence. Outfitted with more burled walnut than a Pall Mall club room, and offered with options like Persian carpets and precious stones embedded in the instrument panel, the Bufori could be… »3/09/06 7:08am3/09/06 7:08am