F&M Vulca V12 To Be Produced In Extremely Limited Quantities

Italian coachbuilder Faralli & Mazzanti has revealed designs for its upcoming Vulca V12 grand tourer. Just ten will be hand built with power ranging from 445 to 600bhp depending on customer specification.

» 3/18/08 1:30pm 3/18/08 1:30pm

Frankfurt Premiere: Fisker Coachbuild's Bespoke Players

A-list car designer Henrik Fisker took the covers off his two new low-volume luxury cars, the Tramonto roadster and Latigo coupe today in Frankfurt. Fisker's plan is to restore bespoke coach-building (undone by the Great Depression and WWII) to the marketplace, but instead of one-offs, the company plans to build 150… » 9/13/05 10:57am 9/13/05 10:57am