Bentley Brings 17-Page Emissions-Reduction Plan To NYC, Also Some Dang Expensive Cars

Let's just get this out of the way up front so you can come back later: Bentley brought no new luxurious nor mega-costly glistening sheet metal hand-rubbed to a burnished sheen by ambidextrous master craft-rubbers at their lush production palace factory in Crewe, England. Instead, at this New York Auto Show they… »3/19/08 3:45pm3/19/08 3:45pm


EU to Cede on US Demands to Drop Vehicle Emissions Targets?

So we're hearing negotiators at the United Nations climate talks in Bali agreed to U.S. demands, dropping specific targets on greenhouse-gas emissions from a draft document in order to salvage an agreement that will guide discussions on a global-warming treaty over the next two years. Specifically, the target changes… »12/14/07 8:15am12/14/07 8:15am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Greenpeace Brings Inflatable Guilt

Greenpeace has come to the Frankfurt Auto Show to demonstrate their distaste for automobiles. Everyone attending the show today are evidently klimaschweine, which translates to climactic pigs. We walked past this display and onto the show floor, as das train was delayed by an accident blocking the tracks. Perhaps the… »9/13/07 12:30pm9/13/07 12:30pm

Holy Smokey Burnout! GM To Suspend RWD Plans, Wait For Washington To Remove Thumb

It's all the government's fault we can't have hoonage here in the land of the stars n' stripes. Or at least that's the argument "Maximum" Bob Lutz makes to Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune today for why the General's looking to suspend — err, "pause" — development of RWD platforms. Lutz claims »4/10/07 3:05pm4/10/07 3:05pm

Ooh, sorry — what was…