Yes, Please Lick the Plug: Coop's 78-Foot Painting

Coop is not a man to be understimated. He not only paints pictures just shy of 80 feet, they also happen to feature spark-plug-licking females illustrated in his inimitable, sexy style. Pop by his flickr page and check out the genesis of this bechwheemouth of rad-ass art. Also, check out his Kimberly Kane stuff,… » 5/21/07 8:00pm 5/21/07 8:00pm

I Wanna See Some History! Coop's New Tackle Box

This has absolutely nothing to do with cars. Unless it does. Which it does. So it does. While garage-saling, Coop picked up a tackle box once owned by one Harold Underhill, replete with a collection of lures, as well as Harold's fishing license from 1959. For petrolheads of a certain age, this will immediately invoke… » 3/28/07 11:45pm 3/28/07 11:45pm

It Was The Time of the Vanner, In The Year of '71

Over at the blog which indexes all positive apes, the Inimitable Mister Cooper posted an incredibly boss ad for a custom Dodge van. Unfortunately, it was not safe for work, so we passed on passing it off as our own discovery. But when the boss isn't looking, click over and check it. Meanwhile, Coop's post pointed us… » 2/22/07 3:45pm 2/22/07 3:45pm

Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue: Coop Goes Model-Crazy

A certain Mister Cooper indulged his Gasser fantasies lately in molded-plastic form, whipping up a '63 Pontiac Tempest, a '37 Chevy, and a Ford Cammer-powered Willys panel truck. Now and then, a sophisticated man of the arts and letters likes to take a break from dosing himself with cadmium, settle down at the desk… » 2/19/07 8:30pm 2/19/07 8:30pm

Coop Weighs in on the Grand National Roadster Show, Johnson Weighs in…

I have to admit, that I was a little dismissive of the GNRS in the post below. Maybe part of it's projection: as a NorCal to SoCal transplant, I realized that Northern California is where I like myself better. I'm more at home there; more at ease. Los Angeles is an amazing, wonderful place full of stuff you'll never… » 1/29/07 7:15pm 1/29/07 7:15pm

Old Crow Belly Tanker Gets Engine Turned

For those of you who happen to be fans of the Bandit's dashboard or '50s diner countertops and/or trim, engine turning — aside from any weird fetishes you may have that we'd probably rather not know of — is likely the reason. It's simple in concept, really. Just a gritty pad on a mill laid down repeatedly. Of course,… » 1/17/07 9:30pm 1/17/07 9:30pm

Jalopnik Late-Nite: Best. Motorcycle. Movie. Ever.

We know Davey G just posted something from Coop's blog, the incomparably cool Positive Ape Index. And we know that it is gauche to steal our fellow writers' sources. Like, if Wert started blogging about odd Karmann Ghias and Gasgacinch we know we'd be bummed. But we also know that it was snowing today in Malibu.… » 1/18/07 1:52am 1/18/07 1:52am