CNET Covers GM... Favorably?

Looks like Rick Wagoner making nice at CES ended up being a smart move. The trip to the geekfest by GM's top man has led to gadget industry stalwart CNET giving GM some free press, and it's mostly favorable. CNET Executive Editor Charles Cooper comes close to damning GM with feint praise, but his article comes off as… » 1/11/08 4:45pm 1/11/08 4:45pm

Technotized for Your Protection: CNet Gives Perfect Rating to Lexus…

Is gliding along wrapped in $5 billion worth of sensory-deprivation equipment the new driving? It may be, if a perfect 10 from tech-drunk editorial staff at CNet is your barometer. That's the score they gave the Lexus LS, a techno barge that assumes road feel is an enemy of the state. Sure, the new LS is as jacked-in… » 12/13/06 9:32am 12/13/06 9:32am