The 2008 Mini Clubman, Now With A Full Set Of Press Shots

Well, since the embargo's already been slightly broken on the new five-door 2008 Mini Clubman, Autocar's decided to finish the job. And we guess since all the other kids are doing it, and you know, we want to be part of the "in" crowd too — here's the rest of the hot load of photos from BMW's tiny brand. Enjoy!

» 7/27/07 10:15am 7/27/07 10:15am

2008 Mini Clubman Official Specs And Photos Revealed!

Thanks to AutoWeek, the folks over at Inside Line, the auto news add-on to the 600-lb computer-accessed consumer automotive juggernaut Edmunds have gone live with all the man-of-Club fun. Official details and photos are spilling out all over the place, and here's what we know about the not-so-mini Mini. First of all… » 7/27/07 2:24am 7/27/07 2:24am

Not Like The Other: Mini Clubman Teaser Videos

Gabe and our other Mini-addled mates at Motoring File offer the first look at two teaser spots for the coming Mini Clubman. It's a riff on the "Sesame Street" Bit, "Which of these Things Is Not Like the Other," a song that haunted our sleep once when we had a 104 fever. Usually it was three guys playing basketball… » 6/13/07 3:21pm 6/13/07 3:21pm

MINI Hits Viral Marketing Over The Head With A Clubman

Now this is some viral marketing we can totally get behind. Why can't more automakers send their test vehicles out sans obscura like MINI did with the Clubman during the Geneva show in order to attract some attention to it during the show? I mean, I'd love to see the next-gen Mustang driving down Michigan Ave.… » 3/08/07 12:44pm 3/08/07 12:44pm

Spy Photos: Best Yet of the Mini Traveller, er Clubman

Ok, so insiders say the new Mini wagon will be called Clubman, not Traveller, and we've got no confirmation either way. So call it whatever you want, but don't call it late for the Frankfurt auto show later this year, the venue planed for its long-awaited debut. Until then, Auto Motor und Sport offers shots of a… » 1/31/07 6:53am 1/31/07 6:53am

Vat a Vagon: Mini Clubman to Debut in Frankfurt

Jalopnik homeboy Gabe and his Motoring File minions say the new Mini Clubman wagon will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show later this year. That's two years since the company introduced the Mini Frankfurt Concept — the prototype of said Clubman at 2005's biannual berraschungsangriff. The company went on to… » 1/24/07 1:30pm 1/24/07 1:30pm

Clubman Waiting in the Sky: More on Mini's Wagon

AutoExpress is adding its two quid to the Mini Clubman debate. AE pluralizes the coming model's half-sized rear door(s), which insiders have said will be in singular — that is, passenger side (US) only. (Of course, that could be a typo.) They also say the rear window is split down the middle, while the license plate… » 9/08/06 2:30pm 9/08/06 2:30pm

Over the Back Fence: Mini to Call Wagon Clubman, Launch it in 2008

Hope you weren't married to Traveller, Mini fans, The Motoring File reports the largest of BMW's smallest will very likely be called the Mini Clubman. We're speaking of the long-wheelbase model that's been the subject of several concepts appearing at the world's auto shows during this past year. Securing he name… » 8/23/06 1:00pm 8/23/06 1:00pm