2016 Mini Clubman: This Is It In All Its Six-Door Glory

The wagon version of BMW’s Mini has finally gotten an update for 2016, and while it’s arguably less quirky than the first-gen one it replaces, it’s now a true four-door wagon (well, six doors if you count the two at the rear). I think it looks pretty good, and seems to be more usable and practical than the one it’s… »6/24/15 9:25am6/24/15 9:25am


Beijing Mini Cooper Rickshaws Combine Car, Cycle And Ugly

In celebration of the launch of the Mini Cooper Clubman in the Chinese market, Mini has chopped the back half off a handful of cars so they can be converted into rickshaws. Mini is no doubt trying to capitalize on the global spotlight placed on Beijing with some kind of sporting festival going on right now, but if… »8/11/08 5:00pm8/11/08 5:00pm

Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman Gets Naughtier In The Presence Of Kim Cattrall

Those pictures we showed you of the Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman merely suggested naughtiness with their stocking-themed paint job and expressions like "You're Going Down." At the "Life Ball" event this weekend, which raises money for AIDS-related causes, the Mini Clubman was on hand and things went from the… »5/19/08 1:00pm5/19/08 1:00pm

2008 John Cooper Works MINI Cooper Clubman, Pictures To Go With Long Name

2008 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper Clubman. That's sort of like saying Porsche Cayenne GTS. Performance monikers slapped on vehicles with inherant performance shortcomings. Yes, we know, the 2008 JCW Mini Cooper Clubman already got the unveil at Geneva, but it was a pretty big show, and Spin and myself didn't really… »3/19/08 6:17pm3/19/08 6:17pm

Detroit Auto Show: The MINI Clubmans Are Coming, The Clubmans Are Coming

While we're enjoying the crazy concept cars we may or may never actually see in real life or design studies that only hint at what we may see one day, we're going to actually be able to hang out with a car that will soon be in dealer showrooms. BMW will be bringing the MINI Clubman to the Detroit Auto Show for public… »1/09/08 10:15am1/09/08 10:15am