Nissan GT-R and CLS 63 AMG combine for 1,080 horsepower of hoonage

Fourteen cylinders, 1,080 horsepower and six wheel drive. It's what happens when you let our friends loose on an abandoned airfield with a Nissan GT-R and Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. » 10/26/11 1:00pm 10/26/11 1:00pm

2012 Mercedes CLS: More Creases, New 429 HP V8

Leaked brochure scans show the 2012 Mercedes CLS combines the CLS Shooting Brake Concept's creased look with the model's influential four-door coupe style and a new 429-hp twin-turbo 4.6-liter V8. A 570-hp AMG model's coming, too. [MBP via eMercedesBenz] » 8/17/10 4:15pm 8/17/10 4:15pm

Mercedes CLS AMG 63 Images Leak on to Internet

Although we'd already heard the new Mercedes CLS AMG wouldn't be getting a power boost beyond 514 HP under the hood, now we're not only hearing what it'll officially look like, we're seeing it. Here's the first shots of the new four-door "coupe" from Daimler — helpfully making the rounds on the internet well before… » 12/31/07 9:30am 12/31/07 9:30am

Brabus B63

If going for the production car land speed record isn't your cup of chai skim latte, there's no need to go for the Brabus Rocket. The Mercedes tuning haus also offers a more sedate build of the AMG CLS63. That is, the S63, which boasts a tuning kit affecting a power boost from 507 hp to to 550 hp and torque from 465… » 6/05/07 8:17am 6/05/07 8:17am