Guy Does The Right Thing After Crashing Truck Almost Kills Him

This pedestrian was minding his own business, making his way up the sidewalk when a big rig hauling beverage cans took a turn too hard and hurled its contents at him. The quick-thinking fellow found refuge in a nook... and proceeded to start cleaning up the street soon as the spray settled. »6/02/15 9:00pm6/02/15 9:00pm


Man Sleeping In Dumpster Gets Compacted By Garbage Truck And Lives

Some poor bastard had apparently been sleeping in a dumpster when a garbage truck picked it up, dumped its contents and the man into its compactor, and then kicked him loose in a landfill along with all the rotten fruit, dirty diapers, and other unpleasantries of a trash container. »9/27/14 2:04pm9/27/14 2:04pm

Watch German Polizei Almost Kill Three Pedestrians And A Bicyclist

This happened right in front of me while I was driving around Berlin looking for a hotel at around midnight. From my point of view when I was driving, I honestly thought these people were done. Luckily they weren't. I don't understand why they would even try to run across the street though. It appears they saw the… »6/26/13 9:27am6/26/13 9:27am