Fire!! Mercedes-Benz Drops the AMG CLK63 Black Series

Mercedes chose a "Mission Impossible" theme, complete with stilted script-reading and allusions to secret messages self-destructing in ten seconds, to intro the CLK63 Black Series. Then they whipped off some sweet LA Guns-grade pyrotechnics, which added paramilitary violence to the CLK63's latent motorial violence.… » 4/04/07 2:28pm 4/04/07 2:28pm

Surprise? New York Auto Show Mystery Mercedes AMG to be the CLK63 Black Series?

Those adorable scamps at Autoblog.nl say the sekrit mystery AMG set to debut in New York is the CLK63 Black Series. That is, a pure-sports version of the CLK63 introduced last year. It'll likely be offered in a greater limited number than the ultra high-performance CLK DTM model, and — even more important to us yanks… » 4/01/07 12:47am 4/01/07 12:47am

CLK 63 in the UK: AMG Releases Details on Coupe and Cabrio

Mercedes is offering up a closer-to-market look at its latest AMG stormers to rock the division's first all-AMG engine — the high-revving 6.2-liter V8. It's the CLK63 AMG Coupe and Cabriolet, which made their world debuts at the Geneeva show earlier this year. The UK versions will come to market before we Yanks will… » 8/04/06 8:07am 8/04/06 8:07am