Watch Clint Bowyer Go On A 5-Hour Energy-Fueled Rampage

Did you catch that melee in the pits this weekend between Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer's teams? Here's the lighter side of it in this spoof 5-Hour Energy drink commercial, which features Bowyer dashing through the garage to kick him some Jeff Gordon ass. » 11/12/12 5:20pm 11/12/12 5:20pm

Daytona 500 After-Party: Clint Bowyer Makes Driving Upside Down Look…

In case you missed the "fun" and "excitement" of the first 185 laps of yesterday's "Super Bowl of racing" — and our tremendous coverage — you missed out on a really superb nap. But if you missed the last 15 laps — you missed a helluva good show. It wasn't just for the close finish, it was because it was such a wild finish. … » 2/19/07 2:01pm 2/19/07 2:01pm