"Car of the Future" Nova Episode Stunk, But Here's The Interesting Part

Yeah, so, that Car of the Future episode of Nova with Click and Clack just wasn't all that good, sorry about that. The episode should probably have been called "Moments of forced laughter from two funny old guys in between John Lithgow talking down to the viewer about the car of the future". However, buried in the… » 4/23/08 4:20pm 4/23/08 4:20pm

This Is What An Animated Click And Clack Look Like

As we reported earlier, Click n' Clack are getting a cartoon on PBS starting next summer. We just wanted to make sure we were clear here for anyone who's "excited" about a Car Talk television show — these guys have faces made for radio. As we're now able to tell — they can't even make Tom and Ray Magliozzi look good… » 7/12/07 10:00am 7/12/07 10:00am

Click and Clack Come Out in Favor of Efficiency

Although they appeared as a Dodge A-100 and an early Dart in Cars, Tom and Ray Magliozzi are firmly in favor of more fuel-efficient cars on the road, but taking a realistic approach, noting that customers vote with their wallets. Ray notes, "A small family car such as the 1982 Honda Accord had 75 hp. By comparison, a… » 9/22/06 8:00pm 9/22/06 8:00pm