Makita's Robo-Vac Uses Power Tool Batteries to Clean Workshop Floors For Hours

Even the most advanced robotic vacuums are only designed to deal with dust, light dirt, and the occasional food scraps. Try to put them to work on the sawdust covered floors in your workshop and you’ll quickly find them clogged and in need of rescue. What you need instead is a robo-vac from a toolmaker like Makita.

This $39 Cordless Vacuum Is Perfect For Your Car and Couch Cushions

I wouldn’t want to use it for my floors, but with its handheld design, long hose, and multiple attachments, this powerful Black & Decker cordless vacuum is perfect for detail cleaning. Sure, you could get a Dustbuster for a little less, but this model’s hose should be much more maneuverable in tight spaces. [Black &…