Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe Is The CLC Class In Disguise

Thanks to, the first photos of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe — the preview for the upcoming four-door CLC Class coupe — have hit the web ahead of its expected unveiling in Los Angeles at this month's Transmission LA culture festival. » 4/18/12 10:00am 4/18/12 10:00am

2009 Mercedes-Benz CLC 220 CDI Revealed, We Applaud Diesel Goodness

You know you wanted more diesel goodness, well, this is it. As part of the Mercedes march upon Geneva, they've revealed the latest version of the "Sports Coupé with fun factor," the 2009 CLC 220 CDI. Essentially, this is to the C-Class what the CLK is to the E-Class. Which is to say it's a bit confused because while… » 3/05/08 10:15am 3/05/08 10:15am

2009 Mercedes Benz CLC: The Rejected Designs

It's not too often that we get to look at the various designs that lead up to the final product. Occasionally, an automaker will send out an early sketch as with the redesigned Honda Pilot. That's why we're grateful to Mercedes for sharing some of the early drawings for the 2009 Mercedes CLC.

» 1/31/08 1:00pm 1/31/08 1:00pm

2009 Mercedes CLC Coupe, Now Without Fashion Models

We've already brought you pictures of the 2009 Mercedes CLC covered with models for the Berlin Fashion Week. As we originally thought, the new version of the Sports Coupe isn't actually based on the new C-Class architecture but instead gets the visual enhancements to make it look like the rest of the line. In fact,… » 1/27/08 6:45pm 1/27/08 6:45pm

The 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLC Is Cheap And Easy

The new Mercedes-Benz CLC sports coupe (ahem the C-Class SportsCoupe) is a dirty whore. We keep trying to get a good look at it but it's always got some woman (and occasionally some man) on top of it. Look, we know it's debuting at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and that's how they do things in Berlin. We're… » 1/09/08 12:45pm 1/09/08 12:45pm

2009 Mercedes CLC-Class

One of Brenda Priddy's spy shooters found themselves face to tri-bladed face with what appears to be a very lightly disguised 2010 Mercedes C Sportcoupé — which we're told will be called the "CLC-Class." Although this replacement for the C-Class will be getting a few new letters added to the name to go along with the… » 11/18/07 7:50pm 11/18/07 7:50pm