Jodie Foster Drives Us Crazy As She Japanders The ’93 Honda Civic

Last week, we explored the phenomenon of "Japandering," whereby an American or European celebrity shills for some product in Japan. While we got to see Michael J. Fox rocking out in an Integra sedan last time, today we'll further dive into Honda's love of using American celebs in their ads, this time with the… »10/13/12 9:00am10/13/12 9:00am

Watch Michael J. Fox Hawk The Integra In Japan Using The Power Of Love

Ever hear the term "Japander"? It's when an American (or European) celebrity heads off to Japan to shill for some product in TV or print ads that rarely show up in their home country. It's a great way for these actors or musicians to make some money without cheapening their image in the U.S. There's even a website… »10/06/12 9:00am10/06/12 9:00am

This 1964 Ford Mustang Ad Could Not Possibly Be More Boring

I've been effusive in my praise of the first-gen Mustang in previous posts. I think it fully deserves the credit. The original Mustang was one of the most important cars ever made, and its design still looks great today. The baby boomer generation must have seen it as sex on wheels compared to the hulking, staid… »9/29/12 9:00am9/29/12 9:00am

60 Minutes Wasn’t Above Taking Audi’s Money Before Destroying Them

In my weekly search for classic ads, I came across this real gem from 1986. The ad itself is fun but relatively unremarkable — we have an Audi sedan showing off its impressive AWD system by driving up a steep and snowy ramp, leading you to wonder how good it is on the street. Are you ready for an Audi? »9/15/12 10:30am9/15/12 10:30am

Canadian Mazda Will Set You Free From The 'Hell' Of Manual Transmissions

Ugh, manual transmissions, am I right? All that clutching and shifting and engine braking and being more in control of your car – it's exhausting! Forget all the reasons you should learn to drive stick. Everyone knows we need to have our hands free so we can eat french fries or text photos of our junk to people we… »9/09/12 10:30am9/09/12 10:30am