See And Hear The 2017 Ford Focus RS

This Indie Shop Is Producing A Line Of 'Brand New' 1956 Ford Trucks

The 1956 Ford F-100 is one devastatingly pretty pickup. Hot rod builder Bodie Stroud agrees, and has decided to start selling his own iteration of this classic as the X-100 with "modern suspension, a brand new Ford Racing motor and transmission, and the interior and gauges from a late-model F-150." » 3/25/15 1:14pm Wednesday 1:14pm

Five Thoughts We Had Hooning the Last ML63 AMG at a Winter Autocross

Say goodbye to the Mercedes ML63. In 2016, it graduates to G-Class, becoming the GLE63, so we took one of the last hopped-up mini Mercs to Lime Rock Park's Winter Autocross see if the off-road Geländewagen badge is deserved. Here are five thoughts we had while hooning the bejesus out of a $114,000 race car… » 3/16/15 8:21pm 3/16/15 8:21pm

The First Range Rover Autobiography Will Always Be The Finest

Today any nouveau riche nincompoop with $137,995 can buy a Range Rover Autobiography. But 21 years ago, when an in-car fax machine was next-level baller status and nobody would dare use the word "bespoke" near a Brooklyn thrift shop, the badge meant something. » 3/17/15 12:47pm 3/17/15 12:47pm

Is A 1961 Willys Wagon The Ultimate Campmobile?

This Restomod Army Truck Is The Cleanest And Coolest 'Deuce And A Half'

M35 "deuce and a half" army trucks are surprisingly easy to come by. If you can't find one rotting in some farmer's field, there are always a handful selling cheap at auctions. But I've never seen one re-imagined as beautifully as this. » 3/12/15 11:38am 3/12/15 11:38am

2016 Lamborghini Huracán Arrival

Our 2016 Lamborghini Huracán, wearing Verde Mantis Green, arrived at Classic Car Club Manhattan just in time for our Thursday (2/19/15) members-only happy hour. » 2/23/15 3:55pm 2/23/15 3:55pm

Sweet Baby Jesus Is Anything Cuter Than An International Scout Camper?

Looks like there was a factory or extremely clean aftermarket camper conversion for the first-generation International Scout, and I think it's just dethroned the Toyota Chinook as the most adorable microcamper sold in America. » 2/18/15 11:06am 2/18/15 11:06am

The Sexiest Truck At The 2015 Chicago Auto Show Is 54 Years Old

The 2015 Ram Laramie Limited is comfy as your favorite spot in the couch with the time-formed ass indent, but it'll never be as classy as this perfect original-spec 1961 Toyota Land Cruiser. Get closer to this preserved masterpiece in our gallery. » 2/13/15 4:40pm 2/13/15 4:40pm

Will Ford's New GT Live Up To Its Predecessors? - AFTER/DRIVE

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, Zac and Mike join host Mike Spinelli to determine whether the new GT will be the raw, race-bred driving experience like our '66 GT40, or suffer from the driving nannies that plague so many modern supercars today. » 2/11/15 11:15am 2/11/15 11:15am

How Bob Marley's Long Lost Land Rover Was Rescued From Certain Death

Reggae legend Bob Marley's 1977 Series III Land Rover pickup was almost as cool as the man himself. Yet it spent some thirty years waiting in vain for somebody to stir it up and satisfy its soul. See what I did there? You should also see this beautiful restoration video and how happy the truck made Marley's kids. » 2/09/15 1:27pm 2/09/15 1:27pm

This 1957 Off-Road Trip Up Pike's Peak Is Old-School American Awesome

Ah, the 50's. Men were men, videos all sounded like they were narrated through a carnival megaphone, and Chevy was starting to sell more trucks with four-wheel-drive. GM was so fired up to prove their off-road prowess that they took a couple pickups bushwhacking all the way up Pike's Peak.… » 2/04/15 5:35pm 2/04/15 5:35pm

There's A Ridiculous Traffic Jam Of So Many FJ40s On This Volcano

A reader just came back from a trip to Indonesia's Mt. Bromo volcano, where apparently just about every FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser has gone to retire. Look at them all! This is easily one of the greatest vacation videos I've ever seen. » 2/05/15 12:35pm 2/05/15 12:35pm

This Is The Filthy Baja-Racing Ford Galaxie That Mom Warned You About

Rene Aguirre has raced this jacked-up 1964 Ford Galaxie in NORRA's vintage off-road races down the Baja peninsula, but it looks almost as amazing sitting still as it does jumping dunes. Actually nah, let's watch it throw dirt in slow-motion. » 2/03/15 5:45pm 2/03/15 5:45pm

You Will Not Find A Better Used Civic Than This One

Remember when showing off your Civic meant a fart-can exhaust and a completely useless deck-spoiler? I'm glad we have moved beyond that too. Now that we are a little older and wiser we can appreciate a truly magnificent modified masterpiece. Behold this K20 swapped 1979 Honda Civic. » 12/27/14 5:49pm 12/27/14 5:49pm

Watch This And Learn How To Drive A GT40

This Striking 200-MPH Retro Sports Car Is Brazil's Alpine A108 Reborn

About fifty years ago, the same Willys that brought us the Jeep built a short run of sports cars in Brazil as the "Willys Interlagos" based on the Renault Alpine A108. Classic car specialists Maggiora and Carrozzeria Viotti have now revived the name and modernized the design; as the 2015 Willys AW 380 Berlinetta. » 12/05/14 4:00pm 12/05/14 4:00pm

Why You Should Hit A Deer With Your Porsche 993 RSR

Sometimes, life throws inconveniences at you. You can deal with it by either passing the problem to someone else, or applying a dose of common sense, a heaping of elbow grease, and take care of it. » 11/14/14 11:20am 11/14/14 11:20am