Honda Looks To Follow GM By Fueling Hydrogen Hopes With Hollywood Hype

Honda's hoping to snag some love from the Hollywood hype machine for their new green machine, the hydrogen fuel-cell-powered FCX Clarity. Honda's producing 200 of the fuel cell vehicles for distribution to celebrities and other Hollywood luminaries to build buzz for the 73 MPG technological wonder. True, these drivers… » 6/19/08 6:00pm 6/19/08 6:00pm

What's So Puzzling About The Honda FCX Clarity?

Pardon me for being baffled, but something about this latest Honda FCX Clarity ad has me a little puzzled. Rubik's Cubes, geometric puzzles, traditional puzzles, Rube Goldberg machines and a hydrogen-powered Honda? I'll spoil the ending for you: I guess it's all about "solving problems," but until I can stick a garden… » 2/08/08 3:45pm 2/08/08 3:45pm

Commenter of the Day: Soichiro Honda Edition

A funny thing happened at the LA Auto Show. I ran into a bunch of folks from various OEMs that had spent the last few months in Washington DC lobbying against higher CAFE standards. The lone exception was Honda. Yeah, they had people bribing lobbying Congress, but the Honda folks were asking for higher CAFE standards.… » 12/04/07 5:45pm 12/04/07 5:45pm

Farago and Loverman Talk Thermal Butt Sensors

OK, actually we talked about the new Honda FCX Clarity. I called Farago because I had absolutely swallowed the Clarity Kool Aid. [Like we didn't already know that. — Ed.] The weekend after driving the Clarity I wound up at a bunch of pre-Turkey Day parties. Old friends kept asking me what I'd been up to and telling me… » 11/21/07 4:00pm 11/21/07 4:00pm

Honda FCX Clarity

The most remarkable thing about driving Honda's FCX Clarity prototype isn't how it emits nothing but water, its torquey, 13,500 rpm electric motor, the hydrogen equivalent of 68 miles per gallon or the perverse pleasure that goes with driving a multimillion-dollar automobile. It's the air-conditioned seats. Notice I… » 11/19/07 1:00pm 11/19/07 1:00pm

Preview: Jalopnik Drives the Honda FCX Clarity

You're looking at Honda's new hydrogen fuel cell powered FCX Clarity parked in front of the Malibu Presbyterian Church that was destroyed in the recent fires. As the Clarity emits water and achieves the gasoline consumption equivalent of 68 mpg, we thought it only fitting to shoot it parked in front of one of… » 11/16/07 10:45pm 11/16/07 10:45pm