RENNtech Reveals 695 HP Monster Mercedes Tuning Package

Not wanting to get left behind in a world of 500 horsepower Euro-bruisers, RENNtech announced today its new "stage 3" kit designed to squeeze an impressive 695 horsepower and 895 lb-ft of torque out of the twin-turbo AMG V12. The kit uses a revised ECU, revised cooling system and other goodies to get as much usable power … » 1/29/08 12:00pm 1/29/08 12:00pm

Mercedes CL65 Revealed Ahead of New York Auto Show

The Mercedes-tuning hotshots at AMG released details on the new CL65 smokehouse earlier today. It's largely what you already knew, though we did find out there's a 40th Anniversary edition that will come with a free bowl of soup. Actually, it comes with two lamps and a gift certificate for one birthday party at any… » 3/29/07 7:52am 3/29/07 7:52am

Dutch Treat: Mercedes CL65 AMG Revealed in Amsterdam

The Mercedes CL65 dropped like a big chunk of Afghani hash at the AutoRAI in Amsterdam earlier today. According to the press release, translated by World Car Fans, the tuner CL will get a 612-hp version of AMG's booster-rocket V12. That's the six-point-oh-mein-gott-liter, twin-turbo devastation engine, hand-signed by… » 3/28/07 11:52am 3/28/07 11:52am

Spy Photos: Mercedes-Benz AMG CL 65

Mystery solved. According to new shots that surfaced on Holland's Autotelegraaf, the secret mystery AMG model set for imminent revealing is the CL 65 AMG. Captured pre-show at Amsterdam's AutoRAI, which starts this week, the new coupe sports AMG's highest-producing iron. That is, its hand-assembled, twin-turbo V12,… » 3/26/07 8:07am 3/26/07 8:07am