Fab Design Takes Benzes to Eleven In Tastelessness, Your Bank Account To Zero

Just like in the movie Spinal Tap, Fab Design, a tuning company with seemingly no ability to stop once it gets rolling, took something which in principle is a good idea, and ran down a dark and occasionally hilarious path with it. Customizing already high-end Mercedes Benzs seems like it would be pretty tough, and… »3/05/08 8:20am3/05/08 8:20am

Mercedes Drops New CL Class into Laps of Luxury Buyers

The Benzo Bunch have let fly with the official shots of their 2007 CL-Class coup-ay, a few days after the first such shots were leaked across the webs. The official line goes like this: The CL-Class, which is built on the S-Class platform — and has gotten a redesign that brings it closer to the S's styling — will… »6/26/06 9:49am6/26/06 9:49am