Settle the whose Jeep is better debate with banjos and hoonage

When Jeep introduced the new longer wheelbase CJ-7 as a compliment to their CJ-5 model they opened the door for spirited musical debates between CJ enthusiasts like the ones seen here. Whether you thought your CJ-5 was the toughest rig around or your CJ-7 could take a smaller Jeep anytime, it was clear there was only… » 8/20/11 9:00am 8/20/11 9:00am

The Jeepvette is what happens when Jeep and Corvette combine

We aren't exactly sure what inspires someone to put a Jeep CJ-7 body and the chassis of a 1984 Corvette, but this is what the mostly finished result looks like. This odd combination is currently on Ebay waiting for someone else who wants a Corvette that looks like a Jeep badly enough to finish up this bizarre project. » 7/24/11 11:00am 7/24/11 11:00am

DOTS-O-Rama Sunday: Pair-O-Windsor Jeeps

We're going to wrap up the Canada-themed DOTS-O-Rama Sunday now, with this pair of Jeeps that Schweppes found on the mean streets of Windsor, Ontario. He's also included some bonus shots of an Acura NSX he spied during his travels. Jump to read his description and see the entire gallery.

» 6/22/08 3:30pm 6/22/08 3:30pm