Why I Couldn't Pilot An Airplane After A TSA Pat-Down

Following the refusal of ExpressJet pilot Michael Roberts to submit to imaging or a pat-down, pilots' unions have asked the Transportation Security Administration for changes, with little luck. One pilot says agressive pat-downs kept him grounded. — Ed. » 11/18/10 12:45pm 11/18/10 12:45pm

This Libertarian Radio Host Lied About TSA Harassment

Meg McClain, a New Hampshire libertarian activist, accused Transportation Security Administration screeners in Florida of handcuffing her, tearing up her ticket and screaming at her. In response, TSA released security video showing none of those things happening. » 11/11/10 5:30pm 11/11/10 5:30pm

Pilot Union Wants Body Scanner Boycott, Favors Genital Pat-Down

Like ExpressJets pilot Michael Roberts, the world's largest union of airline pilots is urging its members to boycott body imaging machines rolling out in airports across the globe. Instead, they want pilots to go for the aggressive genital pat-down. Seriously. » 11/08/10 6:30pm 11/08/10 6:30pm

Tomorrow, The TSA Can Aggressively Pat Down Your Genitals

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will update its pat-down methods at 450 U.S. airports on Friday to allow more aggressive touching, with inspectors instructed to touch travelers' personal do-not-fly zones if they refuse scanners. Who's ready for a road trip? » 10/28/10 4:15pm 10/28/10 4:15pm