This must be the quirkiest Lego set ever made

We finally have some better images of just about all of the recently leaked 2015 Lego City sets. The most important of these is the above Service Truck (60073) which comes complete with a portable toilet—which is even weirder than Speedo minifig. There are some other great sets as well. » 10/07/14 10:39am 10/07/14 10:39am

A Hyper-Detailed 3D Map of NYC, Made by Laser Airplanes

New York is fairly forward-thinking when it comes to energy innovation, but it's pretty terrible when it comes to solar. City College of New York wants to change that, so they created an interactive solar map of the city using laser airplanes. » 6/18/11 8:00am 6/18/11 8:00am

F1 Car Makes Real Pit Stop In Downtown London

At 5:00 AM GMT today, Red Bull's Mark Webber whooped his F1 car through London's Parliament Square and made a pit stop in front of the House of Parliament. Big Ben, meet righteous noise. Righteous noise, meet Big Ben. » 7/02/10 9:30am 7/02/10 9:30am

The History of the Car Bomb

This weekend's attempted Times Square bombing reminded us of the dangers of "the workhorse of urban terrorism" — the car bomb. Mike Davis gave TomDispatch this history of the first modern car bomb, mere miles from Times Square. —Ed. » 5/03/10 2:45pm 5/03/10 2:45pm

How Much Time You Waste In Traffic, By City

According to the Texas Transportation Institute, traffic used to suck. Now it sucks even more. Nice to know some things are dependable. [TTI via The Infrastructurist] » 4/14/10 3:30pm 4/14/10 3:30pm

Peter Max's 36 Vintage Corvettes: The Full Story

In 1989, VH1 gave away 36 vintage Corvettes in a contest. The winner sold those cars to artist Peter Max, who let them rot in a Brooklyn parking garage for twenty years. The cars recently disappeared. This is their story. » 2/15/10 4:00pm 2/15/10 4:00pm

Honda Honda Honda Honda! Madness Goes JDM To Pitch The '83 City

What's the best way to sell the 1983 Honda City Hyper Turbo? Honda's Japanese-market admen figured that the ska popmasters of Madness would be just perfect for a series of super-frantic TV spots. » 6/28/09 2:00pm 6/28/09 2:00pm

Honda City Not Coming Here, Officially Launched In Thailand

Honda launched its latest generation of the City » 9/11/08 9:40am 9/11/08 9:40am subcompact in Thailand yesterday, a fitting locale considering Bangkok is about as close as it's going to get to our shores. The attractive little sedan is priced at the equivalent of about $15,000 and gets power from a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine, sending it to the front…

2009 Honda City Spotted Testing In India

Consumers in the United States are lucky in that their version of the Honda small car platform is the Honda Fit as opposed to the Honda City, which doesn't offer quite the style of the Fit/Jazz or the space of the Honda Freed. The little Honda sedan is only available in Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia,… » 6/02/08 8:00am 6/02/08 8:00am

100 MPG Axon City Car In Realistic-Thinking Shocker

Hydrogen / Electric hybrids, wood to ethanol power, poop to biogas, plug-in power cords, compressed air; the Axon city car uses non of these, and that's what makes it so special. By figuring out that light weight and low drag equal high mileage Axon has found a way to forego all the State-of-the-Union-sexiness and… » 5/27/08 9:20am 5/27/08 9:20am

THiNK Again: Failed EV Set for a Comeback

Who killed the electric THiNK car Ford distributed in the US a few years back? It was Ford itself around 2003, when California dropped the requirement that automakers produce battery-powered electric cars. Now, the current owner of THiNK, a Norwegian concern, says it will relaunch the plastic EV in 2007 as the City… » 12/05/06 8:38am 12/05/06 8:38am