Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Perfect 1966 Citroën DS21 Chapron Palm Beach For $300,000?

The $67K '94 Supra Turbo we saw yesterday earned an 80% Crack Pipe rating from the readers; cool car, but the price was just too high. Today we're going to look at an even cooler car, in fact one of the coolest cars ever manufactured… but the price? £200,000, aka about $300,000. What do you say? »12/03/08 8:00am12/03/08 8:00am

Citroen DS And Holden Wagon Down On The Queensland Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition »10/13/08 4:00pm10/13/08 4:00pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . Today we've got a couple of cool old cars that shot for us down on the streets of Brisbane, Queensland. We've got a pretty clean post-1969 Citroën DS and a mean-looking 1960 Holden FB wagon,…

Renaults, Citroens And Talbots... Oh My! French Cars On Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of the 219th anniversary of the symbolic beginning of modern France, our very own Frenchman Franzouse, has collected these photos from the "Course de Cote" vintage hill climb in St Geniez D'olt. Each car is a unique part of French rallying history, and the gallery includes a Renault R5… »7/14/08 2:00pm7/14/08 2:00pm

Rocket Powered Flying Citroen DS, All Our Memes Are Belong to Fantômas

We've never heard of what is a apparently a classic French character named Fantômas, but apprently he's a master of disguise and miscreant extraordinaire. More important to us though, in a 1964 flick, he drove a flying, rocket-powered Citroen DS. As we can see in this chase sequence between a Mini Moke and the DS in… »5/27/08 4:20pm5/27/08 4:20pm

PCH, Superpower Rematch Edition: Jaguar Mark VII or Citroen DS?

The V12 Jagchero vaporized the Electric Renault R10 in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity voting, but the lopsidedness of the matchup had some supporters of liberty, equality, and eternal torment crying foul. It's bad enough that the British entry was packing a V12 versus the French car's electric motor, but to make a… »4/09/08 5:15pm4/09/08 5:15pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Citroen XM Exclusive Down on the Straße

This Citroen XM Exclusive caught our jet-lagged eye on our way down to the river, where we also caught a glimpse of das boot. The 5-door XM packed a 3.0L 24-Valve DOHC V-6 or 2.5 TD turbo set atop Citroen's signature nitrogen springing - also known as Hydractive suspension. The computer-controlled liquid suspension… »9/10/07 10:00am9/10/07 10:00am