Yes, That's An Engine In The Hatch Of This Awesome French City Car

One of my favorite cars from the 84th Geneva Motor Show must be the new Twingo. It's got a hidden engine in its boot which powers the rear wheels. That's pretty much the perfect recipe for an agile compact, but it's also unusual nowadays and different doesn't always sell in the automotive world. Corollas do. »3/04/14 4:30pm3/04/14 4:30pm

Weird New Citroën C4 Cactus Has Air-Filled Shock-Absorbing Body Panels

Citroën has always been one of boredom’s most dedicated foes, and the leaked images of their new C4 Cactus reveal a car very well equipped to do battle with ennui. Who else but Citroën could get away with naming a car after an immobile desert plant with spines and fill it with shock-absorbing body panels? »2/05/14 9:00am2/05/14 9:00am