This Old 2CV Ad Is Just Fantastic

When you're advertising a car like a 2CV, it helps to be smart about how you set up your comparisons with other cars. And this 2CV ad pulls it off masterfully. Everything checks out— a 2CV running at 71 MPH would smoke the shit out of a Ferrari running 65 MPH. And it costs like 1/10th as much! » 1/02/15 9:55pm 1/02/15 9:55pm

How Many Hellcats Would It Take To Match A Moon Rocket?

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, and while the actual moon landing part of the whole thing tends to get the most attention, the launch itself was nothing at which to sneeze. That Saturn V rocket was powerful. How powerful? Well, let's put it in terms of cars. » 7/17/14 6:22pm 7/17/14 6:22pm

So Chris Harris Bought A 1957 Citroën 2CV And It's Amazing

/DRIVE's Chris Harris, noted master of extremely high-end speed machines, has purchased a new car. It is very old, very French, and very slow. And it is amazing. » 4/16/14 3:45pm 4/16/14 3:45pm

The Citroën 2CV Is All About Freaky-Deaky Freedom

Every young man across the world understands the First Rule of Teenage Courtship: driving like an idiot will guarantee that she falls in love with you. Right? Right?! (Wrong.) But don't let the amorous geniuses of the Citroën Marketing Division try to teach you otherwise. » 9/28/13 9:01am 9/28/13 9:01am

Shocking Nature Video Of 2CV Reproduction

The majesty of seeing the iconic French voiture free and in its natural habitat is truly breathtaking. This video, from Emile Leray shows the incredible mating habits of 2CVs (maybe NSFW), and possibly the only live video of a 2CV hatchling first emerging ever recorded. » 5/30/12 12:30pm 5/30/12 12:30pm

Leave it to the French to drive Citroën 2CV-based jeeps across the…

A 600 cc, two-cylinder 2CV kitted out with sheet steel panels bolted together and called the Baby-Brousse is less ridiculous than it sounds. Leaving behind their humble origins as French peasant cars, these little Citroëns rode in 1973 from Paris to Abidjan, on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, to shame all future… » 8/10/11 3:30pm 8/10/11 3:30pm

Racing and ooh-la-la in the Ardennes

A 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps in the late autumn contested entirely by Citroën 2CV’s is crazy and wonderful enough. But to show up at said race with a yellow 2CV truck to instantly steal the show? That’s just wonderful, period. » 2/15/11 11:00am 2/15/11 11:00am

Rock Out With Your Coq Out

Super2CV is a wonderful photoblog not only about 2CV’s but all flavors of classic Citroën, with a healthy sprinkling of kustom rods and cute French chicks smoking cigarettes on top. Photo Credit: Etienne Musslin » 7/09/10 3:00pm 7/09/10 3:00pm

If Picasso Designed A Car

Pablo Picasso's known for his jarring, cubist aesthetic, but what if he designed a car? It would probably look like Andy Saunders' creation: Picasso's Citroen. Saunders thinks the artist would've preferred it to an actual Citroen Picasso, we agree. » 7/01/10 9:30am 7/01/10 9:30am

Any Man Don't Wanna Get Killed... Better Clear On Out The Back

A Citroen 2CV is the kind of backup you can get away with if you're walking into a gunfight on a pair of legs like these. [HotVVheels] » 6/23/10 10:00am 6/23/10 10:00am

Ride the White Pony for $4,995!

Before Tata introduced the poor to the travails of new car buying, there was the Citroën FAF. Before the FAF there was the Greek-built Pony, and today Nice Price or Crack Pipe wants to know what's a grecian urn? » 4/20/10 7:00am 4/20/10 7:00am

Jalopnik's 9 Favorite Vintage Citroën Commercials

It's a shame that the Citroën brand never really made it big in North America, because nobody does weird ads like Citroën. Post-apocalyptic scenarios, brain-scrambling animations, and- of course- the giant robot head of Grace Jones! » 8/30/09 3:00pm 8/30/09 3:00pm

Stuck In Desert, Crazy Frenchman Builds Motorcycle Out Of Busted…

When you're stranded in the Moroccan desert with ten days of rations and a basket-case 2CV, do you give up? Hell no! You do what Emile Leray did! » 8/22/09 1:00pm 8/22/09 1:00pm

Can Sex Sell This Armada Of German Hell Project Cars?

When you're trying to unload a basket-case Peugeot 504 Familiale or a terrifyingly incomplete Renault Juvaquatre on eBay, what's your best approach? That's right, female flesh and plenty of it! » 5/10/09 11:00am 5/10/09 11:00am

Citroën 2CV Jump Makes Subaru Hoons Look Earthbound!

You want distance? Hang time? Non-fatal landing? You'll get all those things with Seppe's Amazing Flying Citroën 2CV! Thanks to Fast_Nel for the tip; original video may be seen here. » 1/15/09 2:30pm 1/15/09 2:30pm

Le Camino? Rat Rod Citroen 2CV Pickup Truck

What do you get when a Brit combines French quirk with American attitude? In this case, it's a Citroen 2CV » 10/17/08 12:00pm 10/17/08 12:00pm that's been converted into a rat rod-styled pickup truck. We say rat rod- because it doesn't have the prerequisite big American mill that you'd find in a traditional rod. Of course, we've seen a before, but even…

Hermes Leathers Up Citroen 2CV

To honor the Citröen 2CV » 10/13/08 4:40pm 10/13/08 4:40pm’s 60th birthday, fashion house Hermès created this special edition for the . While we weren’t impressed by the gaudy crime-against-taste that was the , the more pedestrian (or equine, to be more correct) 2CV strikes a chord with us. The leather and cotton canvas added to it accentuate the…

2CV Versus Bentley: Obviously, It Won't Run As Well Now!

I'd never heard of the 1965 film Le Corniaud » 10/07/08 4:00pm 10/07/08 4:00pm when pointed me to this sequence, but now I'm on a quest to get a copy. The disintegration of a Citroën 2CV in a slapstick wreck with a monstrous Bentley, leading to a crazed Naples-to-Bordeaux road trip with a '64 Eldorado packed with illegal goods? Yes!

Even A Hydropneumatic Suspension Couldn't Hold All These Vintage…

Finding the Peugeot 403 brochure was nice, but we need a total overdose of vintage French car brochures! Fortunately, Mort555 came to the rescue, by sending us a tip about this Dutch site with dozens of beautifully scanned Citroën brochures from the 1950s through the 1980s. France, Spain, Finland, Germany, Italy- if… » 7/30/08 4:00pm 7/30/08 4:00pm