The Sebring-Vanguard Electric CitiCar Takes You Anywhere At 40 MPH...As Long As It's Only 40 Miles

So you want a plug-in electric but don't feel like waiting to buy a Chevy Volt or a Tesla Roadster? Do you also only need to hit 40 MPH on a straightaway and said straightaway is only 40 miles long? Then maybe you need to get yourself a 110V plug-in 1979 Sebring-Vanguard electric CitiCar. Oh, you can't find one of the… »2/24/08 1:00pm2/24/08 1:00pm

CitiCar, The Most Produced Electric Car In U.S. History

With word of more alternative fuel cars coming out (like the possibly electric Cadillac Provoq), we thought it was time to visit the most successful electric car in our country's history. Approximately 2,200 Citicars (a.k.a. CommutaCars) were built by a company based out of Florida. The two-seaters were powered by a… »1/07/08 4:30pm1/07/08 4:30pm