Ride Along On A Wild Lap Of Circuit de Spa

Combine Belgium's famous Circuit de Spa with a race prepped SWB 1964 Porsche 911 and a slightly crazy but very talented driver and this is what you get. From the growl of the Porsches engine to watching the car drift sideways through the Eau Rogue (see video below) we can't get enough of this video. » 3/18/12 4:00pm 3/18/12 4:00pm

The Rich Can No Longer Stand Watching Races In Your Presence

As much fun as it might be to watch the races at Belgium's famous Circuit de Spa, you might be forced to share your luxury bathroom with some of the dirty, dirty moderately well-off. Alas, a Belgian company has the answer! They'll hoist you and your rich friends 50 meters into the air and serve you drinks and tapas… » 4/10/08 5:45pm 4/10/08 5:45pm