Wolfgang Bernhard's Riding The Chrysler Group Like A Tomahawk Hemi-Cycle

Since joining the Cerberus team to help "advise" them on an acquisition bid for the Chrysler Group, everyone's been wondering what Wolfgang "Tomahawk" Bernhard'd be doing over there in Auburn Hills after the winning bid was announced. It looks like we've now got our answer. Reports from the Wall Street Journal »6/01/07 5:45pm6/01/07 5:45pm

Buyers Say "Meh" To High Gas Prices: Chrysler Group Sales Up 4% On Jeep, Truck And Minivan Sales

Apparently those gas prices didn't slow down the trail-rated badge at the Chrysler Group. They saw sales up 4.3% in May, boosted by strong demand for the Jeep brand, big incentives on the Dodge Ram pickup truck and the long-in-the-tooth minivans. That means the team from Auburn Hills sold 199,393 vehicles this past… »6/01/07 1:00pm6/01/07 1:00pm

Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: Russian Billionaire To Fund Magna Bid For Chrysler!

OK, so we'll totally called this one. True, we called it humorously, but whatevs, we'll take our wins when and where we can. Under the terms of an agreement announced early Thursday companies owned by Oleg Deripaska, the Russian entrepreneur, will pay $1.54 billion to acquire 20 million Class A shares of Magna… »5/10/07 10:15am5/10/07 10:15am

Even If Daimler Doesn't Want It Anymore, Chrysler Still Thinks It's "Engineered Beautifully"

Despite the fact the German side of the German-American hybrid no longer wants anything to do with the 'merican side, the 'mericans are still trying to feel pretty inside. That's why they've released a set of four new ads touting their vehicles as being "engineered beautifully." That phrase apparently is the… »5/08/07 7:50am5/08/07 7:50am

Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: Magna Only Bidder Left?

Yet another strange-ass news mag we've never heard of out of Deutschland (but with a very Automotive News-like website) is reporting that the not-so-equal side of the merger-of-equals is playing games with private equity. They believe Magna International may be the only bidder the German-American hybrid's interested… »5/07/07 11:00am5/07/07 11:00am

Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: UAW Mulls Chrysler Bid, CAW Says "Hell No!"

We read this morning in the Detroit News the UAW was interested in maybe making their own socialist-style private equity bid for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. Now that we've had a bit to digest that little bite of industry info, we're actually a bit interested in hearing more about this cockamamie »4/20/07 4:00pm4/20/07 4:00pm