New Terminator: Salvation Trailer: Four Minutes Of Mechanized Awesome

The new four-minute long Terminator: Salvation spoiler trailer made its way into the hands of fan-boys everywhere yesterday. It features more humanity-ending terminator motorcycles, human-harvesting robots and all-around terminator badassery. Caution: Awesome spoiler-filled trailer inside. » 5/11/09 4:30pm 5/11/09 4:30pm

Batpod And Batmobile From New Batman Movie Caught On Film

In case you haven't heard the next Batman movie will include a motorcycle that's been nicknamed the "Batpod" — yes, we know it's a lame name. But whatevs, thanks to tipster Ninan, we've got the snazzy little cycle on film moving for the first time (not including Meredith Viera straddling the Batpod on the air),… » 7/23/07 3:20pm 7/23/07 3:20pm