How a Porsche, a Meteorite, and $4 Million in Gold Ended Up In a Museum

It’s not uncommon to see $4 million worth of art in a museum. It’s less common to see $4 million worth of solid gold bricks in a museum. It’s called Tower of Power, and it will require a 24/7 security guard as long as it remains at the New Museum as part of a retrospective on its maker, the artist Chris Burden. »10/02/13 11:58am10/02/13 11:58am

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II is Hot Wheels heaven (and hell)

California artist Chris Burden’s city of 1,200 Hot Wheels cars is close to completion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It’s a giant, noisy, throbbing city of custom-built toy cars, and it’s also a sad farewell to the first century of the automobile. In Burden’s city, you see, the cars move on tracks. (via … »8/05/11 3:30pm8/05/11 3:30pm

Performance Art and the Automobile: 100mpg, 100mph, Chris Burden Was a Greenie and a Hoon

On Monday, we flashed back to the early 1970s and madman artist/seminal art hoon Chris Burden, who had himself nailed to a VW Bug. At the time, we promised more on Crazy Chris, who has in the intervening years graduated to a rather exalted position in the art world (many commenters in the first post pointed to other… »2/27/08 5:15pm2/27/08 5:15pm

Performance Art and the Automobile: Chris Burden Crucifed on Beetle, 1974

Chris Burden has achieved an elder-statesman status in the art world—his latest installation, "Urban Light," graces the plaza of the new Broad Contemporary Museum at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But back in the day, he was a wildman, a freak, fucking dangerous—nothing less than an art hoon. A performance art… »2/25/08 4:30pm2/25/08 4:30pm