How a Porsche, a Meteorite, and $4 Million in Gold Ended Up In a Museum

It’s not uncommon to see $4 million worth of art in a museum. It’s less common to see $4 million worth of solid gold bricks in a museum. It’s called Tower of Power, and it will require a 24/7 security guard as long as it remains at the New Museum as part of a retrospective on its maker, the artist Chris Burden.

Performance Art and the Automobile: 100mpg, 100mph, Chris Burden Was a Greenie and a Hoon

On Monday, we flashed back to the early 1970s and madman artist/seminal art hoon Chris Burden, who had himself nailed to a VW Bug. At the time, we promised more on Crazy Chris, who has in the intervening years graduated to a rather exalted position in the art world (many commenters in the first post pointed to other…