The Great Traffic-Law Controversy: Tesla Tagged With Ticket

The Tesla Roadster has yet to officially hit the streets, but the electric Elise-cousin has stirred the ire of the Calfornia Highway Patrol. The electron-powered sportster chock-full of lithium-ion technology, was nailed by the po-pos not far from the company's San Carlos, California facility. Look out, honey,… »12/06/06 5:15pm12/06/06 5:15pm

John, Ponch Want New Beemers, Harley Wants to Sell Them Bikes

The California Highway Patrol is caught up in a bit of a snafu. For the last six years, the law-enforcement agency has been buying and riding BMW patrol bikes through a Roseville, California dealership. A Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson agency, however, submitted a bid reportedly a cool mil less in an attempt to score the… »10/25/06 4:00pm10/25/06 4:00pm

Testarossa Crash in SoCal: Two Dead, One Possibly CHP

Let us say right now that as opposed to other law enforcement agencies, the CHP has only ever busted us when we were actually doing something really wrong. And they've always been courteous and professional about it. So we're a little surprised that an apparent CHP officer was killed in a single-car pileup involving… »5/24/06 3:30pm5/24/06 3:30pm