Watch This IAF Black Hawk Muscle Its Way Vertically Out Of A Deep Canyon

This Israeli Air Force UH-60L Black Hawk made an awesome rescue of a injured hiker stuck in very steep terrain in the Judean Desert. After landing on a crazy steep grade and tending to the hiker, the crew executed an impressive, nearly vertical climb out of the deep canyon. » 2/07/15 5:31pm 2/07/15 5:31pm

Sikorsky's Exotic S-97 Raider Spins Its Rotors For The First Time

Sikorsky's S-97 Raider spun its rotors and pusher propeller for the first time today. Although the innovative light attack and scout chopper does not have a customer yet, its technology aims to replace the vast majority of the Army's helicopter fleet while offering double the speed and greater range. » 2/05/15 1:47pm 2/05/15 1:47pm

Watch This Semi-Submerged CH-47 Gobble Up A Boat Full Of Special Forces

It's one of the most dynamic extraction and infiltration techniques in the Special Operations community. Known unofficially as the "Delta Queen" maneuver, a massive twin-rotor Chinook lowers its empennage into the water, drops the ramp, and a team of special forces in their rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) "beaches"… » 2/04/15 8:05pm 2/04/15 8:05pm

Watch This Massive CH-53 Sea Stallion Chopper Do Loops And Rolls

Helicopter performance can be very deceiving. Large, fat and ungainly choppers can also be super-fast and highly maneuverable, even compared to their streamlined little cousins. The Sikorsky H-53 exemplifies this this truth with its massive six bladed rotor and large four bladed tail rotor. The video below shows the… » 2/01/15 1:06pm 2/01/15 1:06pm

Loading An AH-64 Apache's 30MM Cannon Can Be A Pain In The Ass!

Arming and Refueling Points are places where combat aircraft can get gassed up and reloaded with weaponry, without shutting down. This allows them to get back into the fight fast with a low chance of breaking during restart. Like a pit crew but with high explosives. Here we see that rapidly loading the Apache's M230… » 11/22/14 4:32pm 11/22/14 4:32pm

National Guard Blackhawk Makes Rogue Candy Raid On Halloween Party

After an evening training run, an Arizona National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk arrived overhead a Halloween party for what has to be the most spectacular trick or treat ever. It came to a quick hover and dropped at least five packages of candy down to the kids below. Neighbors were stunned, and the pilots are now in a… » 11/04/14 5:47pm 11/04/14 5:47pm

Iraq's First Mi-28 'Havoc' Attack Chopper Has Taken To The Air

Iraq's first Mi-28 Havoc 'Night Hunter' attack chopper has taken flight in Iraq. These are some of the most heavily armed and capable attack helicopters in the world. Three were delivered alongside four new Mi-35 'Hind' attack helicopters from Russia as part of an expedited order placed to help fight the spread of… » 9/13/14 4:58pm 9/13/14 4:58pm

Friendly Chopper Pilot Plucks R/C Aircraft From Tree, Gives Back To Kid

Tension has been rising between the remote controlled aircraft community and mainstream aviation. With the consumer "drone" market exploding in recent years, even the FAA is having trouble figuring out exactly how to regulate the situation. So it is nice to see that some pilots still remember what it is like wishing… » 7/20/14 2:26pm 7/20/14 2:26pm

SEMA Show: Damn Those Yankees And Their OC Chopper

Well, I know that choppers are totally not my bag, but when I saw this little OC Chopper-created cycle for purposes of auctioning off to charity at the General's Silverado silliness last night, I knew I had to show it off — if only because my beloved Detroit Tigers gave them an impressive smack-down during the… » 10/31/06 2:34pm 10/31/06 2:34pm