I Fought The Law And The Law Put Me In His Pit Crew

Sheriff Ronald 'Gun' Ficklin of St. Helena Parish, Lousiana, has resigned and pleaded guilty to 17 counts after admitting that he assisted in the operation of a chop shop and used state prisoners as the pit crew of his personal race car, the 'Bounty Hunter' (no word on the type of racing involved, but I'm guessing… » 2/06/07 9:46pm 2/06/07 9:46pm

The Salesman Giveth and the Salesman Taketh Away: Dealership Manager Charged with Larceny

Remember when the worst quality of automobile salesmen seemed to be their propensity for calling you "buddy" or more recently, "bro?" (We killed a man with our bare hands because he called us "bro.") Well, a North Carolina man recently took slimy salesmanship to the next level, horking cars he'd just sold to… » 7/22/05 1:38pm 7/22/05 1:38pm