Greece Just Sold Its Giant Zubr-Class Hovercraft To China

The Chinese Navy has put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their interest in the world's largest hovercraft. They have already bought two giant Zubr Class hovercraft from Ukraine, and are building two in China. Apparently four of these mammoths are not enough in the short-term, as China has now… »1/04/15 5:04pm1/04/15 5:04pm


Possibly The Most Amazing Episode of 'CHiPs' Ever Filmed

Funny, we were just thinking that we hadn't heard from Wendler in a while, when suddenly the former Necros guitarist and mph staffer kicks down this morning with a tip regarding the infamous "Punk Rock" episode of CHiPs, featuring a stellar performance by Pain — who apparently only know one song — some concerned… »8/31/06 2:00pm8/31/06 2:00pm