Keeping Brazil's Highways Safe, Simca Style!

I was chatting with a Brazilian coworker earlier, and he mentioned a favorite TV show from his childhood that was sort of a Brazilian forerunner to CHiPs: O Vigilante Rodovi rio. The plot centers around a heroic highway patrolman and his German shepherd, Lobo, fighting crime... but that's not important. The important » 2/27/07 4:59pm 2/27/07 4:59pm

Possibly The Most Amazing Episode of 'CHiPs' Ever Filmed

Funny, we were just thinking that we hadn't heard from Wendler in a while, when suddenly the former Necros guitarist and mph staffer kicks down this morning with a tip regarding the infamous "Punk Rock" episode of CHiPs, featuring a stellar performance by Pain — who apparently only know one song — some concerned… » 8/31/06 2:00pm 8/31/06 2:00pm