In the Flesh: The 1970 Foose Dodge Challenger

Earlier this year, Foose Design and Unique Performance announced a teamup to build a limited-edition 1970 Dodge Challenger. Say hello to their little car. Production of the E-body throwbacks — which are built on the bones of original 1970 and 1971 Challengers — started midyear, with the first series model planned to… » 11/06/06 9:08am 11/06/06 9:08am

Chip Foose and Unique Performance to Build '70 Challenger Homage

Chip Foose, customizer, illustrator, artist (and all-around decent guy), is extending his association with Unique Performance — builder of six-figure custom muscle-car (don't-call-them) reproductions, like the Foose '69 Camaro, Foose Stallion Mustang and Shelby GT.500E Super Snake. The two are planning to give the… » 6/13/06 2:00pm 6/13/06 2:00pm

It's Not a Tumor! Mr. Foose Builds a Trad Rod

Waggish wag and a man who knows a thing or three about the way a hot rod's s'posed to look, Iowahawk, exclaimed upon seeing Foose's P-32 roadster, "That hi-buck 'traditional' roadster of his looks like it has a gigantic forehead tumor." We understand that Chip was going for the whole WWII fighter look, but yeah, that… » 3/06/06 9:59pm 3/06/06 9:59pm

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Foose Impression: Chip's '36…

As Boyd Coddington was to the 1980s, Chip Foose is to the current decade, but perhaps even more dominant. "Impression," Foose's third Detroit Autorama Don Ridler Memorial Memorial Award winner since the clock flipped '00, is an obscenely detailed '36 Ford roadster. However, musing on the amount of actual Ford » 8/15/05 2:59pm 8/15/05 2:59pm