Gullwinged, Amphibious Sports Car Is China's Best Creation Since Gong Li

The amphibious sports car isn't a new idea, there's the Rinspeed sQuba and Gibbs Aquada to name just two, but we have to give credit to the creator of this Chinese p***y magnet yellow amphicar for the addition of gullwing doors, ideal for when you're chilling on the Yangtze. We're fairly sure this is a custom job and… »7/11/08 2:40pm7/11/08 2:40pm

China Auto Market Growth Slows To Only 10%, Barely Able To Keep Lights On

Chinese automakers and dealers are beset on all sides by woe these days. They've seen they're meager 23.55% year over year sales growth in March shrink to a paltry 10.4% sales growth in April — that's the slowest sales growth in five whole months. Dealers across the enormous country are scraping bottom and barely able… »5/13/08 10:20am5/13/08 10:20am

10 Strangest Cars Revealed At The 2008 Beijing Motor Show

The Beijing Motor Show traditionally warrants nothing more than a collective "meh" from the mainstream automotive media, but it certainly caught our attention this year. Bigger and better than ever, automakers from China and abroad have done everything to bring attention to their cars but put a gigantic stuffed… »4/28/08 12:30pm4/28/08 12:30pm