The U.S. Navy Just Sailed An Armada Of Warships Into The Disputed South China Sea

The American supercarrier USS John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers, and the USS Blue Ridge, a floating command center and theflagship of the 7th Fleet, have all entered the South China Sea within the last 100 hours. The massive show of force comes as tensions over China’s South China Sea military island…

U.S. General Says North Korea Would Use WMD As Details On Secret Negotiations Emerge

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are higher today than they have been in decades, and the head of U.S. forces in Korea made it crystal clear to the Senate Armed Services Committee precisely what is at stake: Kim Jong Un, by his own words, would indeed use Weapons of Mass Destruction if his regime were threatened.

Surface To Air Missiles Arrive On China's Island Outpost In The South China Sea

The first steps to fortify China’s growing island empire in the South China Sea are underway as a pair of HQ-9 missile batteries have appeared on Woody Island, located in the northern portion of the South China Sea. This is the same highly developed island that has received major airfield upgrades and J-11 fighter