The BMW Concept Compact Sedan Sure Looks Like The Next 1 Series

Well, isn’t this an interesting surprise right after the LA Auto Show! Right after we were all done gorging ourselves on hors d’oeuvres and those little bottles of hotel room booze I think I can expense, BMW goes and drops a new concept compact sedan on the world. It’s called the Concept Compact Sedan! »11/20/15 10:04am11/20/15 10:04am

Image Emerges Of What Could Be A Chinese Knock-Off Of Russia's Su-34 Fullback

This image, posted on the Chinese website Weibo, shows what appears to be a Chinese Su-27 Flanker derivative very similar to Russia’s Su-34 Fullback fighter-bomber. The picture coincides with rumors that a new Chinese fighter type flew recently but we have no way to authenticate the image at this time.
»10/28/15 7:45pm10/28/15 7:45pm

China Sends Message By Having Destroyers Shadow U.S. Ship Past Islands

Hours ago the USS Lassen made its way within 12 miles of China’s man-made islands near Subi Reef, part of the Spartly Islands archipelago. During its roughly 72 mile freedom of navigation mission, the American Arelaigh Burke Class Destroyer was shadowed closely by the Chinese Type 052C guided missile destroyer Lanzhou »10/27/15 2:36pm10/27/15 2:36pm

U.S. Navy To Pass Within 12 Miles Of China's Man-Made Islands Within 24 Hours

Within the next 24 hours, the U.S. Navy will execute a freedom of navigation mission in the South China Sea that will put the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer USS Lassen within 12 miles of China’s man-made islands. Air cover and reconnaissance aircraft will be monitoring the mission nearby in international airspace and… »10/26/15 7:50pm10/26/15 7:50pm

Chinese Warships To Visit Florida As U.S. Sailors Get A Tour Of China's Carrier

A trio of Chinese Navy vessels that are making an around-the-world trip will be visiting Mayport, Florida on November 3rd through the 7th. This visit comes as tensions are increasing between U.S. and China over the South China Sea, with the Navy ready to sail within China’s man-made islands claim on disputed… »10/22/15 9:16pm10/22/15 9:16pm

China has some of the most insane traffic jams on this planet

Hell. Pain. Agony. Anger. Madness. To the point where you just start punching your steering wheel and try to rip off your car’s roof and scream until your forehead and neck veins burst and then cry like a crazy person. That’s what it must feel like going through this insane traffic jam just outside of Beijing, China.… »10/07/15 2:53pm10/07/15 2:53pm

U.S. and China Agree To Rules For Air-To-Air Intercepts

With President Xi Jinping in the U.S. for a state dinner, hardcore diplomacy is underway trying to solve some very big problems — one of them relating to the sometimes dangerous intercepts of American surveillance aircraft operating in international airspace. Now, it looks like Beijing and Washington have come up with… »9/27/15 5:05pm9/27/15 5:05pm

What Does Boeing's New Deal With China Really Mean?

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a big trip to the U.S. this week, making a first stop in the Seattle area to visit Boeing. During his visit, Boeing announced two major developments. The first of these was a Chinese order for 300 new jets, including 250 737s, a deal worth $38 billion. The second announcement pertains… »9/27/15 11:59am9/27/15 11:59am

China's President Visits The U.S. As Word Of Unsafe Aerial Intercept Surfaces

As President Xi Jinping arrives in the U.S. to court American tech titans in Washington State and readies for an official State Dinner at the White House, reports of a Chinese JH-7 fighter executing a dangerous intercept on an American RC-135 electronic surveillance aircraft last week over the Yellow Sea have surfaced. »9/22/15 10:04pm9/22/15 10:04pm

Inside The Bizarre World Of China's Badly Photoshopped In-Car Sex Mattress Ads

Our pals over at CarNewsChina led us down a very degenerate path today by introducing us to a previously-unknown car accessory: the inflatable car mattress. On its own, it just seems like a clever, practical device so you can comfortably sleep in your car. But the advertising tells a different story. A clumsily… »9/18/15 12:19pm9/18/15 12:19pm

This Is The Insane Video China Just Put Out Showing It Attacking The U.S. 

A small group of Chinese Navy ships showed up near Alaska earlier this week during President Obama’s visit to the northern state, mostly as a “we’re here” message. But then, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army marched in a Beijing parade, someone simultaneously put out this completely nuts video of a naval attack… »9/04/15 12:41am9/04/15 12:41am

China's Massive Victory Day Parade Was Long On Weapons But Short On Power Players

The 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in WWII, a conflict that took some 14 million Chinese lives, was celebrated in grand fashion this morning in Beijing. Yet the fact that high-level American and European dignitaries were nowhere to be found was a clear sign of the times as tensions in the South China Sea and East… »9/03/15 9:02am9/03/15 9:02am