What Is This Mysterious Underwater "Robot" That A Chinese Fisherman Caught?

A few years ago a Chinese fisherman from Hainan Province caught something totally unique: a torpedo-like device that was about three feet long and metallic. He took pictures of the contraption and called the authorities, who swiftly came and took it away for examination. Now, the Chinese Government has confirmed it is… » 8/22/15 2:30pm Saturday 2:30pm

Breaking: Terrifyingly Huge Explosion Rocks Tianjin, China 

A massive explosion has rocked Tianjin, China. Some reports state that it may have been caused by a large gasoline facility detonating, although the accuracy of these reports remains questionable. Supposedly there are casualties and emergency response crews are trying to get to the scene now. » 8/12/15 1:55pm 8/12/15 1:55pm

Is That KITT And Tesla-Inspired Car From China Actually A Tesla? 

The other day we wrote about a new Chinese car that was inspired both by KITT, the well-read, talking Trans Am from Knight Rider and also the Tesla Model S. New information obtained by our friends at Car News China suggests that the car might actually be a Tesla Model S.http://jalopnik.com/china-combines... » 7/29/15 12:55pm 7/29/15 12:55pm

China Combines Knight Rider, Tesla To Make Ultimate Model S Knockoff

We’ve covered bizarre Chinese knockoffs of well-known cars before, but this may be the first time a Chinese company has been inspired by an ‘80s American TV show about a pedantic car to make a knockoff possibly even better than the original. Good people, I give you the Youxia X, a Tesla Model S with a big dose of… » 7/27/15 12:22pm 7/27/15 12:22pm

Carmakers Badly Need The Chinese To Make Poor Financial Decisions

A car is a necessity for many, but so is toilet paper, and no one is putting racing stripes on toilet paper. Cars are still status symbols, and they’re almost always bad investments. Much of the global car market has been propped up by Chinese consumers eager to invest poorly. How long do you want to bet that lasts? » 7/13/15 1:45pm 7/13/15 1:45pm

Toyota's New Japan Only 'Yellow Limited' GT 86 Looks Incredible

Welcome to The Drift where Jalopnik East rounds up the highlights from all around the Pacific Rim. In today’s headlines, Toyota reveals the new 86 GT “Yellow Limited,” Chinese automakers find that international markets no longer want their cars, and Mitsubishi teases another vehicle America won’t get anytime soon. » 7/13/15 7:00am 7/13/15 7:00am

Nissan Ad Seems To Promote Illegal Off-Roading In Japan's National Parks

Welcome to The Drift where Jalopnik East rounds up the highlights from all around the Pacific Rim. In today’s headlines, Nissan releases an ad which seems to promote illegal driving in a national park, South Korea’s tax law may allow abuse of corporate car registration, and China’s answer to Uber raised tons of cash. » 7/08/15 6:30am 7/08/15 6:30am

"Ladder To Heaven" Balloon-Borne Fireworks Display Wows In China

A 1,650-foot long, 18-foot wide fireworks “ladder,” made of steel and gunpowder, lit up the sky over Quanzhou, China. The ladder, which used a balloon to loft it high above the ground, was the dream of Cai Guoqiang, the same artist who produced the incredible fireworks display during the Beijing Olympics. » 7/05/15 8:57am 7/05/15 8:57am

Here's How China Could Land People On The Moon By 2020

First of all, I should preface this by saying I’m no rocket scientist. Anyone who has ever seen me attempt to open a carton of milk can attest to this. But that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream. And today I’m daydreaming about how China could land on the moon as quickly and cheaply as possible. Within five years, let’s… » 7/02/15 12:11pm 7/02/15 12:11pm

Is China Building Their Own Mobile Landing And Sea Basing Platform? 

Photos of what appears to be possibly a mobile sea basing platform and logistics node, similar to US designs, have made their way around China’s internet recently. Such a capability would be an incredibly logical addition to China’s amphibious forces, especially considering their ongoing extra-territorial ambitions. » 6/09/15 10:00pm 6/09/15 10:00pm

Porsche-Armored Carrier Fender Bender Is A Metaphor For Modern China

It is unclear exactly what the circumstances of this meeting of two completely opposite wheeled vehicles were, but a collision of some sort between a PLL05 Self Propelled 120mm Mortar System and a Porsche Cayman occurred in the Chongqing Jiahua tunnel in Chongqing, China. » 6/02/15 5:54pm 6/02/15 5:54pm