How To Make Wings, Instead Of Letting The Pizza Dude Do It For You

So the Super Bowl is tomorrow, and just as Super Bowl viewership is essentially non-optional for Americans who do not wish to be regarded with open suspicion by their acquaintances and coworkers, the provision of chicken wings is essentially non-optional for Super Bowl party hosts who do not wish to be shunned by all… » 2/01/14 5:10pm 2/01/14 5:10pm

Man Fined $500 For Driving While Eating A Rotisserie Chicken

I have a rule about rotisserie chicken. I will eat it in a restaurant. I will walk to go pick it up. But I will not drive with it in a car. The smells are too intoxicating. The glistening brown skin is too much to resist. I wouldn't want to end up like the Ottawa, Canada man ticketed $500 for giving in to the… » 5/10/12 10:00am 5/10/12 10:00am

Tastes Like Chicken? Or Tastes Like Sleepy Drivers?

Tastes like chicken. You know the hidebound old adage well, and maybe even have humorously offered it in response to sampling extremely vile or creepy food. Now check this out. The brainiacs at Stanford University have used that saying to essentially describe the effects of sleepy driving. Confused yet? Well, you know… » 3/07/08 1:45pm 3/07/08 1:45pm

Poultry Fat Causes Chaos on Virginia Roads

If you live in Virginia and accidentally put a dent in your parent's new Bimmer we've got a great excuse for you: a truck carrying poultry fat left a trail of greasy, smelly lard 20 miles along northbound Route 13 in eastern Virginia, causing at least four accidents and creating a massive stink. It all started when a… » 11/27/07 6:00pm 11/27/07 6:00pm