Chicago Auto Show: Day One Round-Up

Day One is officially over here at the Chicago Auto Show and in case you weren't around, a lot actually (Challenger) happened here at the McCormick Center (Challenger). If for some reason you were trapped in an underground cave somewhere (Challenger), here's what you may have (Challenger) missed:

-Yeah, we feel like… » 2/07/08 6:45am 2/07/08 6:45am

Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Acura RL Revealed, Gets Bigger Engine

We told you a couple of weeks back Acura would be revealing the 2009 model of Acura's lovely top-of-the-line sedan, the RL, here at the Chicago Auto Show. Just as we predicted, so was it revealed, in all its mid-cycle refreshment glory. The new 2009 RL gets almost entirely new sheet-metal (apparently everywhere but… » 2/06/08 11:15am 2/06/08 11:15am

Chicago Auto Show: We're Here

We're here, we're full of pizza, get used to it (please send antacid tablets)! After a night of hard-core investigative journalism and hard-core eating we've got the calories we need to bring you the live reveals. We've got Routans, and European Ford Vans and Unfortunate Auto Trans. OH MY! And all that's happening… » 2/06/08 9:00am 2/06/08 9:00am

Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Hyundai Sonata Revealed, Now With…

We've already caught a Korean preview of the new Sonata as it rather slickly though liltingly transforms from the 2008 model to the 2009 version. But now we're gonna catch this revamped mid-size in the flesh, right here at the Chicago Auto Show. This isn't exactly the kind of ride you ooh and aah over, but given that… » 2/03/08 12:01am 2/03/08 12:01am

GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Truck: The Caballero Is Back...In Concept

This is it. It's called the GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Truck, and this unibody rear-wheel drive Australian professional grade car-truck action set to be unveiled this week at the Chicago Auto Show is making us excited in a way we haven't been since we saw the first episode of My Name Is Earl. And why shouldn't we… » 2/02/08 5:42pm 2/02/08 5:42pm

Dodge Challenger Super Stock Racer On Sale In March

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Dodge's turnkey drag racer Challenger Super Stock. But now Allpar is saying the Super Stock is going to be available sooner than expected. This doorslammer, which serves up the quarter-mile in 11 seconds, may be available to buyers as soon as March, over-the-counter,… » 1/31/08 12:30pm 1/31/08 12:30pm

2009 Hummer H3T: Unofficially Revealed

What an exciting day it is for fans of the Hummer brand, with the 2009 Hummer H3T embargo catastrafuck giving the truck all sorts of play on the internet. Since bringing you the first Truck Trend H3T scans, we've gotten a lot more information thanks to, which had the first H3T post up on the web. What… » 1/25/08 5:15pm 1/25/08 5:15pm

Motor Trend Doesn't Break Embargoes, But Magazines Owned By Motor Trend…

If you haven't been following along at home, folks, the nice people at Truck Trend (owned by our good friends at Motor Trend) somehow managed to break the Hummer H3T today, about a week early. How could this happen? Motor Trend, as has been explained to us, doesn't purposefully break embargoes, and they get testy when… » 1/25/08 3:45pm 1/25/08 3:45pm

Chicago Auto Show: Lutz Confused, GMC's Pickup Truck Concept Coming to…

Despite earlier reports the four-door Zeta-platform GMC concept pickup truck would be coming to the New York Auto Show, we've been told by people in the know it'll be hitting the floor at the Chicago Auto Show. We guess we'll be seeing it much earlier than expected. Maybe "Maximum" Bob Lutz was just having a senior… » 1/25/08 10:30am 1/25/08 10:30am

First 2009 Dodge Challenger Interior Photo

Yup, more evidence that the Muscle Car Wars are on! After we showed you that single shot of the new 2010 Ford Mustang interior and after we ran the two covers Car & Driver saw slip out way too early, we happened upon the above shot of the interior for the 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T on a few of the forums all about the… » 1/25/08 7:30am 1/25/08 7:30am

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8, Undisguised

Apparently anything Chevy can do, Dodge thinks they can do better. Just as quickly as "Maximum" Bob Lutz revealed he'd be pulling the cover off the 2009 Chevy Camaro during testing, Dodge lifted the skirt off the Challengers out testing in the winter wonderland of Metro Detroit. Like this silver and black Dodge… » 1/16/08 11:53am 1/16/08 11:53am