Who Says You Can't Drift A Pickup Truck?

As well all know, the cheapest horsepower you can buy today is in the form of a pickup truck. But they're not good for anything but towing and the quarter mile, right? Not this 454 Chevy S-10. » 2/28/14 1:00pm 2/28/14 1:00pm

Cleveland rocks an S-10-embedded hot tub

High on the list of any conceivable romantic scenario must stand the prospect of hot-tubbing in Cleveland. How else to explain the Chevy S-10 with a hot tub where its bed used to reside, along with a top just asking to come off. » 9/30/11 4:30pm 9/30/11 4:30pm

For $57,500, This Volvo P1800 ES Rocks an Eight, Seeks Attention Whores

Most Volvos are square, but the P1800 is one that lets you think outside the box. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe P1800 ES rocks a Corvette 327, but does its price stink outside the box? » 1/19/11 8:00am 1/19/11 8:00am

"So I Poured More Gas In My Engine Bay"

Welcome back to Garage of Horror, where we share your worst wheeled experiences. Today's installment asks the classic question: Is this damn car trying to kill me? Or am I trying to get myself killed? » 9/01/10 4:00pm 9/01/10 4:00pm

GM May Return To Small Truck Market

Sources say GM's planning a move back into the largely abandoned small truck market with an affordable, efficient and attractive compact truck. Ooh, can we call it El Camino — or is that a non-starter.[PickupTrucks.com] » 5/26/10 3:30pm 5/26/10 3:30pm

Chevy S10 Hauls Ass Instead of Lumber for $2,500!

What kind of toad does one have to lick to see the empty bed of a beat-up Chevy S10 and envision a home for a 500-HP Eldorado drivetrain? Nice Price or Crack Pipe doesn't know, but damn, baby got back. » 11/11/09 7:30am 11/11/09 7:30am

Diesel Powered Banks S-10 Sets New World Records

Oh diesel, you are such a cruel mistress. The mega torque potential of your compression ignitioned genius is only offset by the additional cost of purchase and the scary rise in fuel prices. Diesel, why must you taunt us with new drag racing figures which both shock and delight? You convince the motor heads at Banks… » 4/07/08 2:15pm 4/07/08 2:15pm